Welcome to the next level in financial literacy training, designed to reach the emerging generation of youth in today’s media-driven economy.  The FutureProfits curriculum blends essential life skills along with traditional financial literacy subjects, such as budgeting and banking, and also gives an in-depth look at topics including:

  1. Understanding predatory lending schemes
  2. How money circulates in urban communities
  3. Race, class and power structures in our society
  4. How goal setting and decisions affect your future
  5. The benefits of delayed vs. instant gratification


This whole-person approach to financial literacy, called “Life Economics”, is built to give students the tools to succeed in an economic system that a significant portion of youth is unprepared to navigate.  FutureProfits empowers students with the tools to break the chains of poverty, giving them the resources to determine their destiny and impact their community.

Using This Website

This website allows you to link directly to the resources that are specified in the FutureProfits curriculum.  Each unit is separated into lessons.  All links, including videos are UNDERLINED.  Evaluations for all units can be downloaded under the evaluation tab.

Purchase The Curriculum

If you stumbled upon our site, or have heard about the curriculum and want to use in with your students, you can purchase a copy HERE.

3 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Jesse Byrd says:

    Our under privileged youth need to learn financial knowledge early

  2. kamyuka Jonathan says:

    Dear Friends,my name is jonathan kmyuka from Uganda East Africa.I got to know about future profits from a friend who gave me a hand book of the trainning which i have been using to train young people here about breaking negative mindset,proper view of money and how to break freee from the circle of poverty.The most interesting Part is that of immediate gratification verse delayed gratification.All i can say now is thank you for this book.though many of the resources are american,i have tried to put it into understandable means for our youth down here. No more poverty because knowledge is power

  3. Ivan says:

    I love the curriculum and how it has impacted so many youth. As a Future Profits Facilitator, I’m honored to be a part of the transformation in the bay.

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