Unit Four

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“What You Need To Succeed” helps students realize how their decisions today till impact their future.  The unit gives students a perspective on how education and training relates to their future income. Through inspirational, real-life examples, students gain the tools for wise decision making and goal setting leading to a successful life.


Lesson 4.1- Only The Minimum

“30 Days- Minimum Wage” Video- HERE

Current Minimum Wage- HERE

For And Against The Rise Of Minimum Wage- HERE


Lesson 4.2- Education Vs. Income

4.2.1 Questions for “Who Wants Future Profits?”

4.2.2 Who Wants Future Profits? (Power Point)

Education Pays Chart- HERE

History Of Federal Minimum Wage- HERE

Characteristics Of Minimum Wage Workers In 2009- HERE

U.S. Department Of Labor- Fair Labor Standards Act- HERE

College Graduates Expand Lead In Job Security- HERE


Lesson 4.3- Stories Of Success

4.3.1 Homeless to Harvard Extended Version

Keisha Woods Video- HERE

Dr. Luis Carlo Video- HERE

Homeless To Harvard Clips- HERE (you can find all parts on Youtube.com)


Lesson 4.4- So I Finally Graduated From High School…Now What?

4.4.1 Job Facts Sheet

Job Cards- See Unit 2 (2.2.2 or 2.2.3)

10 Most Affordable Colleges- HERE

College Affordability And Transparency Center- HERE

Free Application For Federal Student Aid- HERE

Why A College Degree is Important- HERE

College Options For Individual Students- HERE

Fastweb Scholarship Search- HERE

General Financial Aid- HERE

Scholarship Search- HERE

U.S. Department Of Labor- HERE

National Joint Apprenticeship- HERE

Business Reference Services- HERE

A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur- HERE


Lesson 4.5- Decision Making

4.5.1 The Little Choices Teacher’s Guide

4.5.1 The Little Choices Worksheet

4.5.2 Decision Making Process – Scenario 1

4.5.3 Decision Making Process – Scenario 2


Lesson 4.6- Life Maps

There are no additional resources or downloads for this lesson.

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