Unit One

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“Money In Your Neighborhood” establishes a foundation for the “Life Economics” curriculum, which understands that most choices are influenced by one’s surroundings and background. This unit expands students’ understanding of available opportunities by helping them analyze their attitudes and assumptions thereby combating any negative information they have received.


Lesson 1.1- The Bean Game

There are no downloads or additional resources for this lesson


Lesson 1.2- Tell Me About Your World

1.2.1 Optional Activity-Word Association Game


Lesson 1.3- Money Messages

1.3.1 Agree-Disagree

Puzzle Pop Songs


Lesson 1.4- Whose Life Would You Choose?

1.4.1 Gardner Biography

1.4.2 Mitchell Biography

1.4.3 Whose Life Would You Choose Worksheet

Felix Mitchell Additional Resource- HERE

Chris Gardner Additional Resource- HERE


Lesson 1.5- Power Spread

1.5.1 Power Spread Statements for Character Cards

1.5.2 Power Spread Statements for Students as Themselves

1.5.3 Power Spread Character Cards


Lesson 1.6- Choosing Power

Struggle Video Clip #1- HERE

Struggle Video Clip #2- HERE

Success Video Clip- HERE

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