Unit Two

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“Financial Survival Skills-Budgeting” teaches students the important concepts of money management through a budget simulation exercise. The simulation gives students a realistic picture of what the financial life of an adult looks life, along with inspiring them to dream about their future opportunities for life and career.

Lesson 2.1- Cash In- Cash Out

2.1.1 Budgeting Pennies pages

Sitcom Clip “Regular People”- HERE

Lesson 2.2- Life At 25

2.2.1 Budget Simulation Worksheet Before Emergency

2.2.2 Job Cards – Blank

2.2.3 Job Cards – California

2.2.4 Income for Students Outline – California

2.2.5 Taxes On Paystub

Cost Of Living Calculator- HERE

Salary Calculator- HERE

Payscale- HERE

Tax Brackets- HERE

Lesson 2.3- How Much Does Your Life Cost?

2.3.1 Picture Cards

Cost Of Living Comparison HERE

Rental Prices In Your Area- HERE

Utilities Information- HERE

Transportation Costs- HERE

Car Insurance- HERE

Internet, Cable and Home Phone- HERE

Savings- HERE

Lesson 2.4- Delayed Vs. Instant Gratification

2.4.1 Ticket to Success Sheet

2.4.2 In an Instant! . . .Or Not Q & A sheet UPDATED 2012

2.4.3 Golden Door Cards

2.4.3 Negative Door Cards

2.4.3 Positive Door Cards

Lesson 2.5- Emergencies

2.5.1 Budget Simulation With Emergency

2.5.2 Emergency Cards – Blank

2.5.3 Emergency Cards – California

Unemployment Benefits Chart- HERE

A Video From Our Staff To Yours- HERE

Lesson 2.6- Budget Simulation Debrief

There are no additional resources or downloads for this lesson

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